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Welcome to eWear

We are passionate gamers ourselves whose journey began many years ago. In 2004 to be precise. The set-up of our Steam accounts turned into a lasting hobby – one that we still pursue with joy and passion until today. From Age of Empires, CS 1.6 and WC3 to Trackmania, Diablo III and an excessive WoW period to PUB:G, Rocket League and Valorant. We have found stories, people and friends who love this sport as much as we do. by eWear - two team members by eWear - pc case

That is why we are following the rise of eSports with great interest. And we are delighted that the global community is becoming ever larger and more colourful. Everyone who shares our passion for gaming is welcome. That's what makes us all special and unites us.

Additionally, with the increasingly professional gear for gamers, our idea for eWear was slowly born. Because we know that functional clothing is a keyfactor in sports. And we are certain that this also applies to eSports.


After two years and countless hours of developing, implementing and optimizing, our product can now make its contribution to the evolution of eSports. Novel. Supportive. All the time. The by eWear - floating by eWear - crowd

Discover what is possible.

Be a part of this journey and connect with us on social media or write us your message here.

Have fun with your eWear.


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Welcome to eWear
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